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Infant | Toddler | Twos

Our Infant and Toddler classrooms utilize the Healthy Beginnings developmental guide. This MSDE approved and issued assessment tool will help our staff and our parents understand their child's progress as they become older. The material covers four core categories of maturation: personal and social development, language development, cognitive development, and physical development. We use Frog Street Curricula to drive our classroom activities and routines, focusing on four main developmental domains: physical, cognitive, language, and social emotional. Our trained staff will identify when milestones are reached and communicate progress in daily reports, verbal reports, and bi-annual progress reports. 

We also utilize the Ounce Scale. This assessment encompasses the aforementioned core categories from Healthy Beginnings, but in more detail and with an opportunity for our staff to record observations on the assessment, allowing direct focus on the individual child.

Threes | Fours | Pre-Kindergarten

One aspect that makes our school really special is the implementation of the Core-Knowledge curriculum in our threes, transitional fours, and Pre-K classrooms. The curriculum, which was designed for Pre-K, has been adapted by our staff to be successfully implemented in the threes and fours classrooms as well. With this early introduction, children will be exposed to reading, writing, math, science, and topics such as community, geography, and social studies. The Core-Knowledge topics, lessons, and exercises can be utilized on many different levels and altered to meet a child's specific needs. Berry Patch feels that this curriculum puts the child at the forefront. It is for this reason that Berry Patch invested in this curriculum. While at Berry Patch your child will be placed on the right track to be ready at 5.

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